20th Anniversary

GeoScienceWorld (GSW) was founded 20 years ago with a vision of transforming how scientific knowledge is shared across the global geoscience community. We would not be the success we are without the trust of our community. Thank you to our visionary founders, to the societies and libraries who put their trust in our unique nonprofit model, and to the countless researchers who dedicate their careers to expanding our understanding of the geosciences. In celebration of our anniversary, we are excited to debut a special video featuring the founders, partners, personnel, and leadership behind the GSW story. We hope you enjoy learning a little more about what makes GSW so unique.

This anniversary is not just about the past; it’s a celebration of our shared commitment to the future. With the pace of climate change and environmental pressures increasing, our network has never been more essential for rapidly disseminating actionable geoscience insights. This next chapter will see us continue expanding access and forging connections. 

“Our 20th anniversary stands as a great testament to all those involved in establishing and fostering the growth of GSW over the years. The journey from a small start-up to a highly respected resource with over 39 society partners serving and supporting more than 250,000 researchers globally is a significant achievement. As we look to the future, our unwavering commitment to innovation and collaboration will enable us to embrace new opportunities to further our mission and advance geoscience research and knowledge on a global scale.”

– Phoebe McMellon, CEO

20th Anniversary News + Events

20th Anniversary | News

GeoScienceWorld Celebrates 20 Years of Advancing Geoscience Collaboration and Scholarly Publishing

McLean, VA – GeoScienceWorld (GSW), a pioneer in collaborative scholarly publishing within the geoscience community, proudly marks its 20th anniversary. Established in 2004 by leading global geoscience societies, GSW has continually evolved to better serve the discipline and community through collaboration. Today, GSW provides researchers around the world with a single source of access to…

20th Anniversary | Blog Post

Celebrating 20 Years of Connections: Meet Our Newest Board Member

Ashley Manning-Berg was recently nominated to the GeoScienceWorld Board of Directors and began her term in January. Ashley’s insights, experiences, and contributions to the geoscience community made her stand out in a field of highly qualified applicants. In today’s post, we asked Ashley to share a bit of her story. Congratulations on your new board position…

Remember when…

GeoScienceWorld Founding Board Members

Clockwise from left to right: Alex J. Speer (Mineralogical Society of America), Sharon Mosher (Founding board chair), Don Hemingway (GSW), Jack Hess (Geological Society of America), Edmund Nicklass (Geological Society of London), Howard Harper (SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology), Robbie Griess (American Association of Petroleum Geologists), Sharon Tahrikeli (American Geosciences Institute)

GSW Homepage in 2004

2004 GSW Homepage unearthed