What’s New at GSW

  • Geology on the Big Screen—An Interview with Jonathan DiMaio, Writer/Director of ‘Unconformity’
    When Alex, a Massachusetts graduate student, has her idea for a new research project stolen by an unscrupulous lab partner, she embarks on an ambitious solo expedition in the California desert, intent on making a discovery that will prove to her peers and the geology community exactly how much she has to offer. This is…
  • Impacting UN Sustainable Development Goals
    How geologists focus on Earth Science while reaching key Sustainable Development Goals At GeoScienceWorld, we have been thinking about how the research we publish might be able to impact the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs present a clear path to a future where we have a healthier planet and more equitable…
  • What Trust Means for Lithosphere
    This year’s Peer Review Week theme, “Trust in peer review”, prompted me to think about what trust means for Lithosphere. It turns out that it has been a central theme in the transition the journal has made this year to be an open access, community-driven journal published by GeoScienceWorld (GSW) with the support of seven participating societies.
  • Connecting Geology and Sustainability
    A geoscientist’s understanding and knowledge of the earth and its complex processes, runs deep, extends over vast periods of time, through multiple mass extinctions, and catastrophic events. This knowledge can easily be leveraged and applied to ensure that we are smarter, wiser, and more informed stewards of the earth. And yet, geologists have been underrepresented…

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